Take Away Menu

Vegetarian Entrées

Vegetable Samosas (2 pcs) $8

Potato and green peas cooked in Indian spices and cumin, wrapped in a crispy pastry triangle. Served with tamarind chutney.

Vegetarian pakoda (8 pcs) $8

Various varieties of vegetables (potatoes, silver beet, cauliflower, and onion),spicy chickpea flour fritters served with tamarind chutney.

Onion bhaji $8

Onion fritters lightly spiced in chickpea flour and deep fried. Served with chutney.

Paneer pakora (6 pcs) $16Indian cottage cheese coated in a medley chickpea flour and crispy deep fried served with mint chutney.

Gobhi chilli $16

Cauliflower battered then deep fried, stir fried with onion, capsicum, chilli sauce and mint sauce.

Tandoori mushrooms $16

Mushroom dipped in a spicy garlic & yoghurt marinade cooked in the tandoor. Served with mint chutney.

Paneer Tikka $16

Tender cottage cheese, tomato, onion marinated overnight and thenroasted on skewers in a tandoori oven.

Vegetarian Platters $22

A selection of 2 onion bhajis, 2 samosas, 4 vegetarian pakora, 2 paneer tikka,2 mushrooms tikka

Non-Vegetarian Entrées - 

All non vegetarian dishes served with coriander and mint chutney

Tandoori Chicken

half chicken $18
full chicken $24
Chicken marinated overnight in a special blend of yoghurt, herbs and spices then roasted in tandoor.

Murg Malai Kebab $16

Tender melt in the mouth pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs, spices-and cream and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Tikka$16

Boneless lean pieces of chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt & spices,cooked in a tandoor

Garlic Kebab $16

Chicken marinated in yoghurt, garlic, cheese, eggs and cashew paste baked in the tandoor

Haryali Kebab $16

Tender boneless chicken pieces marinated overnight with yoghurt, mint sauce,spices and cooked in tandoor.

Garlic prawns $19

Prawns marinated in a spicy yoghurt sauce skewered with onions capsicum &tomatoes grilled in the tandoor.

Prawns 65 $19

Prawns marinated with spices, herbs, yoghurt battered and deep fried. Served with fried onion flakes and capsicum.

Prawns fried $19

prawns marinated with spices and battered in chick pea flour ,deep fried for crispy flavor.

Fish Tikka $19

Pieces of boneless fish marinated overnight in yoghurt, spices and herbs.Cooked in charcoal tandoor. (Ling fish)

Lamb Cutlets $20

Marinated lamb cutlets with herbs and spices and coated with crumbs.

Mixed Platters $28

A tempting selection of entrees - 2 Samosa - 2 Onion bhaji ,4 pcs veg pakora-2 garlic kebab-2 pcs tandoori chicken-2pcs lamb cutlets. Served with layer of salad, tamarind and coriander-mint chutney.

Non-Vegetarian Platters $30

Tempting selection of - 2 Chicken tikka - 2 Garlic tikka - 2pcs lamb cutlets- 2 Haryali kebab - 2 pieces tandoori chicken. Served with layer of salad and coriander and mint chutney.

Mains (vegetarian)

Garlic Tadak daal (yellow lentils) $17

Yellow lentils cooked in the traditional Indian style.

Dal makhni (black lentils) $17

Black lentils cooked overnight on slow flame, flavored with freshly ground spices and sautéed in cream.

Aloo Gobhi $17

Fresh potatoes and cauliflower cooked with onion & garlic spiced sauces with Indian homemade style.

Aloo Matar $17

Fresh potatoes and peas cooked with onions and tomatoes in Indian style.

Matar Paneer $17

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with fresh peas in a tomato based sauce.

Shahi Paneer $17

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with special blend of spices with cashews and almond paste and butter.

Karahi Paneer $17

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with tomatoes, onion and fresh capsicum with Indian spices.

Chilli Paneer $19

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with chilli sauce, soy sauce, and sautéed with fresh capsicum and onion. (Chinese dish with Indian style)

Butter Paneer $17

Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with tomato, ginger, spices and creamy gravy.

Palak Paneer/Palak Aloo $17

Fresh leaves of spinach (paste) and cottage cheese / potato cooked in a mild creamy gravy.

Paneer Tikka butter massala $17

cottage cheese marinated with spices and yogurt cooked on charcoal fire.then served with ginger garlic and butter sauce with creamy flavor

Malai Kofta$17

Cottage cheese cubes and potato balls, mixed with herbs and spices, served with creamy and cashew sauce

Bombay Jeera Aloo $17

Fresh potatoes cooked with cumin and spices with Bombay style.

Vegetarian Navratan Korma $17

A variety of fresh vegetables cooked with rich gravy and spices.

Vegetable Jalferzi $17

Sweet and sour curry with chunky vegetables.

Matar Mushrooms $17

Mushrooms and peas cooked with rich gravy with mild spices.

Mushroom Madras $17

Mushrooms cooked South Indian style with coconut cream and leaves.

Amartsari Chana Massal $17

Chick peas cooked with ginger, garlic and tomato sauce in North Indian style.

Methi Malai Matar $17

Cashew gravy with fenugreek leaves, peas and cream cooked in mild sauce.

Non Vegetarian

Butter Chicken $18

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in the tandoor and mixed in a creamy sauce,spices, cashew & butter.

Mango Chicken $18

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a special sauce made from mango puree and spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala $18

Tender pieces of chicken cooked with onion, fresh capsicum.

Chicken Badam Passanda $18

Meat cooked in rich nutty gravy with cheesy flovered..

Korma Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18.  Tender pieces of chicken cooked with a gravy of cashew nuts  & very mild spices.

Karahi Chicken Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Chicken cooked with special spices, coriander, capsicum, tomatoes and onion gravy on slow heat in pot.

Saagwala Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Tender pieces of meat cooked in fresh spinach blended with spices.

Madras Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Traditional South Indian style curry cooked with coconut, mustard seeds andspices.

Bhuna Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Shredded pieces of meat cooked with garlic, ginger, tomato, onion, capsicum.

Vindaloo Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Famous dish from Goa specially cooked with onion, tomatoes, and hot ground spices.

Chettinad Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Meat cooked to perfection in black pepper, ginger, garlic, tangy tomato gravy.

Jalferzi Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Favorite meat cooked in vegetables, onions, green pepper and tomato gravy with sweet and sour flavors.

Lamb Nawabi $18

Marinated diced lamb cooked with capsicum, cashew nut and onion gravy.

Lamb Handi $18

Diced lamb cooked with spinach, onion, tomato and whole spices and garnished with ginger.

Lamb/Beef Rogan Josh $18

Lamb cooked with blend of herbs and spices.

Lamb Posht  $18

Lamb cooked in herbs and spices with cashew nuts, cream & poppy seeds

Do-Payaza Chicken/Lamb/Beef $18

Meat pieces cooked with stir-fried onions, pepper and tomato based gravy and lightly spiced with fresh herbs 

London curry chicken/lamb/beef $18

All meat cook with cashew almonds and cashews nut gravy with green peas.

(North Indian dish)Prawns/Fish Massala $20

King prawns or Ling fish cooked with fresh capsicum, coriander, herbs and spices.

Prawns/Fish Malabari $20

King Prawns/Ling fish cooked with mustard, coconut, whole red chilli, curry leaves and coconut cream.

(South Indian dish)Prawns/Fish Curry $20 

King Prawn/Ling fish cooked in blend of onion, turmeric, ginger, garlic, tomato and spices.

Butter Prawns $20

Tiger prawns cooked in a special sauce made from butter with creamy mild flavours.


Vegetable/Paneer biryani $17

Basmati rice cooked in special spices,fresh seasonal vegetable,cottage of cheese garnished with raisins,nuts and coriander.(mughal dish)

Chicken/Lamb/Beef' $18

Basmati biryani rice ,meat,nuts and spices cooked in one pot over slow fire.(mugal dish)

Prawns biryani $20 

Basmati  flavored rice cooked with king prawns garnished with raisins & nuts.

Side Dishes

Mango chutney $3

pickle $2

popaddoms(5pcs) $3

Raita $3

Indian Breads(Naan)

Plain Naan $3.5

Authentic Indian soft bread made from refined flour cooked in tandoor.

Butter Naan $4

Soft,buttered Indian bread made from white flour cooked in tandoor.

Garlic  Naan $4

Indian bread with sprinkling of garlic.

Cheese Naan $5

Traditional breads stuffed with cheese.


rice flour cooked for special gluten free people.

Cheese and Garlic Naan $6

Stuffed naan with aromatic garlic and cheese

Tandoori Roti $6

Homemade style naan made from wholemeal flour.

Keema Naan $6

Stuffed naan breads with minced meat and spices cooked in tandoor

Chicken Naan $6

Stuffed naan with chicken mince and spices cooked in tandoor.

Peshwari Naan $6 

Stuffed roti with coconuts,dry fruits,cooked in tandoor

Aloo Parantha $6

Stuffed roti with potatoes and spices.

Paneer Parantha(Indian homemade cottage cheese) $6

Stuffed with cottage cheese and spices.

Gobhi Parantha $6

Stuffed with crushed fresh cauliflower and spices.

Lacha Parantha $5

Whole meal flour bread layered with butter and cooked in tandoor

Onion Kulcha $6

Breads stuffed with chopped onions and spices.

Stuffed Kulcha $6

Naan stuffed with mixed vegetables.

Chilli Kulcha $6

Spices Chills filled in kulcha.


Mango lassi $6

Massal Tea $5

Soft drinks  $3.5 (coke,diet coke,zero coke,l&p,fanta,sprite,sprite zero,)                                                                                         


Gulab jamun(served with hot syrup)  $6 

Strawberry cheese cake $5 


All curries served with one portion of rice Any dish can be cooked to suit your taste like Mild, Medium, Kiwi hot, Indian hot...All Curry is Gluten Free.(Dairy Free available on request) vegan diary free on request


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